Phentermine Side Effects

It is very difficult to refuse from the traditional way of life and to control the appetite to people with overweight. The medication Phentermine was produced special for those, who constantly thinks about food and who cannot refuse from large amount of food consumption. Tablets and capsules of Phentermine are used for coping with excess weight and it is prescribed for those who wants to moderate the appetite.

Phentermine is a medicine, as any medication it can cause side effects.

Allergic reaction to any of Phentermine components causes difficulty breathing and skin rash. If you have one or both signs of an allergic reaction, it is necessary to stop taking Phentermine and inform your doctor. Probably that you need to decrease the daily dose of Phentermine.

Allergic reaction when taking Phentermine occurs very rare.

More often occur dry mouth, indigestion, dizziness, sleep schedule change or a feeling of anxiety. These side effects ocurr in the first week of Phentermine application and pass quickly. If you feel drowsiness and impaired concentration, avoid driving until the symptoms completely pass.

More severe consequences for the organism occur in Phentermine overdose.

Phentermine Side EffectsOverdose symptoms may include palpitation, tremors, swelling of your face or feet, urticaria, and general depression of the respiratory center. These symptoms require an immediate withdrawal of Phentermine and in this case you should seek emergency medical attention.

Unwanted side effects, associated with a usage of Phentermine also depend on age and sex of a person. If in man due to obesity is observed a decrease of overall physical activity, then Phentermine use can cause erectile dysfunction.

Phentermine is a complete drug with its pluses and minuses. Although Phentermine can cause side effects, its application is absolutely justified. That is why you should not exceed the daily dose of Phentermine which was prescribed by your doctor. You will be able to get rid of side effects, if give a full information to your doctor about what medications you have already taken and what diseases you are treating simultaneously with obesity.

There are several recommendations to Phentermine use, that will help to cope with some side effects.

Sugar-free gum will help increase saliva flow and will relieve the dryness in the mouth.

Hypnotics will help in the struggle against insomnia, but when the normal day mode would be restored, their use should be stopped.

In the case of potency violation men can take the medicines, increasing an erection (Levitra, Cialis, Viagra and many others). You should always remember that high efficacy of Phentermine assumes certain occurrence risk of side effects. Strictly follow the daily dose, prescribed by your doctor and Phentermine will be useful for you, not causing harm.

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