The most fashionable diets of the season

Diets differ. How to understand and choose the one that will help namely you? Well-known adherents of health and proper nutrition share personal experiences and recommendations on the most fashionable diets of this season.

(Personal experience of our editor)

Now it’s fashionable not only to be on a diet or to “want to lose a couple of extra kilos.” Now, people who are losing weight, say: “I’m looking for new energy”. When I realized thanks to the scales that the number of kilograms in me again moved away from the ideal value, I also decided to look for “new energy”.

I dislike diets, to put it mildly, because you need special products that are rarely found in a cafe in a proper combination, and I don’t always have time to cook. Just the thought that I can’t have my favorite yogurt (and apple jam, which I cook myself) spoils my mood. Even while editing “dietary” materials, I pull my hand for something tasty, since the stressful reading definitely should be ate up.

And now I’m on a diet looking for new energy. Preparation took two days

First: the choice of a nutrition system. My demands are simple:

  1. The diet should not change my life.
  2. I do not want to carry 34 containers with me and snack in a secluded corner of the office every two hours.

Second: the weight loss diet should be built, if not on a scientific approach, then at least on common sense. I would not like to lose my health together with a couple of kilograms.

Third: I need a quick solution; a month of restrictions is not for me, while a week is an acceptable compromise.

*And if I am going to really deprive myself of something, then let the diet be a fashionable and modern one, to surprise even my friend, who permanently loses weight by the most progressive weight loss programs.

It seemed to me that I did manage to find the optimal solution for myself: 7 foods for 7 days. I had to cut down the diet to seven foods for a week:

  • turkey,
  • white fish fillets,
  • asparagus,
  • quinoa,
  • spinach,
  • grapefruit,
  • chinese pear.

*All these are available in the supermarket. Besides, I fell in love with quinoa two months ago, so that was even cool. 

The program 7 foods for 7 days had a scientific approach: the gastroenterologist wrote that the gastrointestinal tract should be discharged on “light” foods, which should be selected in a way that your body receives enough protein and nutrients.

Well, they also promised a fast weight reduction. Of course, sugar, salt, coffee and other daily temptations were banned.

white fish fillets

For two days, I kept postponing the inevitable, and started on the third day. The first day of the diet was a working Tuesday. I felt as if flying, terribly proud of myself, and I probably did not eat so many pears during the entire previous year.

I replaced sugar and honey with stevia (honey grass), peppering the food was not forbidden, and I always loved to drink water. Dinner at 19:00, was also more of a norm for me more, so life went on as usual.

The next day I cheerfully chewed turkey with spinach. Had to struggle with a desire to drink coffee, but I held on. I even went to a fitness session with pleasure (about an hour on cardiovascular equipment!), thinking that the new energy has already started to be developed and it’s high time to spend it.

On the third day, I wanted diversity. I started surfing the Internet through the websites with recipes for 7 foods for 7 days. I discovered a curious recipe with quinoa, pears and cinnamon. Still, the restrictions were making my mood sink.

And then the weekend came. I realized that the most difficult thing is to lose weight at home, where all the ways lead to the fridge. I began feeling hungry (perhaps, due to the fact that I was eating a lot less because of the monotony of the products allowed).

Fleeing from hunger (or fear of it?), I drank water in small sips. Then in large sips. Did not help. I made lemon tea with cayenne pepper, although this was a digression from the diet. I already quietly hated pears. And yes, I caved in.

The first chocolate cookie after five fresh days was very sweet, even sugary, but still so desired! I wanted to repeat, to eat the whole pack, but with an uncharacteristic effort of will, I stopped myself and went back to the diet.

Seven days after the start of the restrictions, I got on the scales – minus two kilograms. In fact, I tracked their loss the day before, by the clothes, which became a little freer. Feels nice, what can I say.

The second result was that I now add a minimum amount of salt to my dishes, and I stopped adding it to salads at all. Same thing with coffee, it’s still out of my nutrition, but, most likely, it is a temporary thing.

As for energy, I did not feel its appearance. Yes, it was easier for me to fall asleep and wake up, but my mood was like a pendulum, and my friends were happy I got back to normal life.

The most serious disappointment came when I discussed the 7 foods for 7 days with a doctor. I was told that such “rest” for the stomach can turn into an even more stressful one. After all, I sharply switched to foods that I almost never had in my diet before.


Bodyism ( is a legendary fitness club in London, which works by the Clean & Lean method. Its creator is, perhaps, the most in demand fitness trainer in London, James Deigen. This man came up with a very humane system and a whole line of wellness cocktails, which allow bringing your body, mind and sleep in order in the shortest possible time.

The list of fans of Clean & Lean includes El MacPherson, Hugh Grant, the model Lara Stone and Jason Statham’s bride, model and Victoria’s Secret Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In the last couple of years, the branches of Bodyism are opening at the best resorts in the world. 

First, you are tested with the Body Oracle program. Experts determine the percentage of subcutaneous fat in your body and your physical condition as a whole. Then, they develop an individual exercise program and weight loss diet that is quite easy to follow.

The program is designed for 3 months (trainings three times a week).

During this time, coaches who work in London and in the D-Hotel Maris (Turkey), help to correct posture, lose weight and form a proper muscle definition.

As a rule, setup trainings are sufficient to continue training on your own, following the basic principles of Clean & Lean.

Clean & Lean

  • Love your body. Before any changes happen to it, you need to get rid of stress and start to sleep enough.
  • Do not try to achieve results through stringent short-term diets. Sport must be present in your life in various forms. Best of all – yoga, pilates and swimming.
  • To avoid caving, you should allow yourself having cheat meals from time to time. These are planned deviations from the diet. And most importantly – do not give up your favorite food. We live to enjoy life and, first of all, food. Within reasonable limits.
  • If you want to get a real result, you need to exclude from your diet all food junk (caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, processed foods and food that contains lots of preservatives).

DANCING PLUS. The rules of healthy eating from the famous Austrian physician, Mayr-therapist Alex Vitasek.

Mayer therapy is the method of complex cleansing and body recovery, invented in the middle of the last century by the Austrian physician Franz Mayr, which is gaining an increasing number of followers worldwide.

The doctor’s medical credo is that the patient is always right. A doctor should first be a good psychologist. My task is to listen to you as carefully as possible and determine a correct diagnosis, finding the root cause of your complaints.

Mayer therapist can understand a lot by your appearance:

  • skin condition,
  • color of your tongue,
  • color of the eye white,
  • smell from your mouth,
  • your posture.

Mayer therapy

The latter is one of the main pillars of health. For example, cervical osteochondrosis can provoke irritable bowel syndrome, and a slightly biased diaphragm is capable of making the entire gastrointestinal tract spasmodic.

The main goal of Mayr therapy is not only a powerful detox, but also the restoration of the internal organs functioning at the cellular level. In the first place – the intestines. And this should persist throughout the entire patient’s life. Dr. Mayr himself lived for 90 years and worked until the last days.

In clinics that work by the Mayer method, patients are given a full reload. They are not only being treated (they go through a course of the manual massage of the abdomen, which helps remove waste and stimulates the intestines, get on a detox-diet, which speeds up their metabolism, go through a course of physiotherapy, etc.), but are also taught a correct way of life from the very beginning.

The main thing is not what you eat, it is HOW you eat. I advise everyone to take a small vacation every day. I mean lunch break. You deserve it! Do not eat in a hurry and under stress. It is better to replace a sandwich with a bowl of soup or rice.

Negotiating at the table is a very bad idea. If you have a business lunch, you should either have a hearty breakfast before, or simply order soup, without bread, so you do not have to chew. Your partners will not be offended. Just tell them that negotiations are more important to you than food.

Coffee itself is not harmful. Two or three cups a day will not harm a healthy person. Still, you should avoid drinking it on a fasting stomach (acid in coffee, even if it is decaf, damages your liver), and never use it to quench thirst.

Many people have problems with the assimilation of not only lactose (milk sugar), but also the fructose. This is about 30% of the world’s population. Symptoms are pain of incomprehensible origin, problems with sleep, chronic fatigue up to depression.

The reason is that your body does not produce enough serotonin and melatonin because of a metabolic disorder.

  1. If you can not live without dairy products, you can take enzymes that help to absorb lactose. Those, for whom fructose is harmful, better give their preference to melons, bananas, papayas and tangerines. These fruits contain it in minimum amounts.
  2. Be careful with multivitamins. These are not always assimilated. It is better to take them with food, and not in tablets. Eat plenty of green vegetables. Broccoli and green cabbage contain twice as much vitamin C, as oranges do.
  3. Zinc and vitamin D (if you live in an area, which has a small number of sunny days, you should take them all year round) are very important, as well as B2, B12 and B6. Yet, the B vitamins should be taken as injections once a month.
  4. Not all meat is created equal. Better forget about all kinds of sausages once and for all. If you are thinking of a steak from the farm beef – why not? Eat plenty of wild fish, and avoid fruits and fresh salads after 4 PM. Less cinnamon rolls and other carbohydrates, since they overload your digestive system!
  5. Drink 2-3 liters of water (not cold) per day. Dehydration is especially harmful to women. Do not drink anything with food. Have water or tea either 10 minutes before meals, or two hours later.
  6. Wine with food is allowed, as well. As for desserts… after a hearty dinner!.. Better not. If you can not live without sweets, then eat them early in the day, and better – before meals. At night, you are allowed to have a shot of cognac.

A secret from the doctor: he consults his patients standing up! Sitting all day, burying yourself in a computer or phone is a slow suicide. In addition to blood stagnation, it is also harmful to the brain.

We are created to move, to constantly discover the world, yet in movement, and not in static. It helps our brain develop, gives us a creative impulse. So, he always tells patients: dance! Dance every day! And you will be healthy.



The author of the diet is JJ Virgin, a nutritionist and fitness trainer of celebrities. The author insists that an important role in health issues, including fight against excess weight, is played by food intolerance (not to be confused with allergy).

Therefore, she proposes to refrain from gluten, dairy products, soy, eggs, corn, peanuts and sugar for 21 days.

As 3 weeks are gone, you should start introducing these products back into your nutrition in a gradual way, so that you could easily figure, which of them are not good for your body.

There are, incidentally, studies, which confirm that sugar and starch provoke a hormonal response of the body, in which fat accumulates.


There are, incidentally, studies, which confirm that sugar and starch provoke a hormonal response of the body, in which fat accumulates.

There also exists a confirmation of the fact that even with normal tolerability, some products can cause malfunctions in the immune system, and you will gain weight.


Drew Barrymore keeps to a progressive weight loss diet, which is advocated by the nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. In France, this very direction is supported by the naturopath Robert Masson.

In his seminars he, in particular, talks about the importance of consuming foods that are easy to digest first, and then those that take longer to digest. He also advises to abandon the habit of eating fruit during the main meals.

If you eat, for example, an apple after a meal that contains a lot of starch or proteins, the digestion process will take even more time, since other products will be oxidized further. This has a negative impact over the alkaline balance, and your excess weight does not go away.

As a result, clients of Kimberly start any meal with lettuce and lose a couple of pounds a week.


“Starting dinner with a salad is good, says Dr. Raphael Kellman, the author of the microbiome (not to be confused with macrobiotic!) diet.

“Especially if salad contains leek, artichokes or apple cider vinegar.”

They feed the beneficial bacteria of the intestine and force them to produce acids that burn fat and generally stimulate digestion.

salad with leek


The essence of this diet, which was developed by Dr. Cheryle R. Hart and is very popular in the West, is simple:

  • When we consume too many carbohydrates, the insulin secreted promotes the formation of excess fat cells.

  • The more insulin the body produces, the faster weight gain.

The way out is to restrain insulin emissions by splitting meals (every 2-3 hours) and combining carbohydrate-containing products with useful proteins.

  • 1 glass of red wine per day can reduce the risk of heart disease, depression and even improve memory.
  • 3 spoons of fat-free yogurt a day as part of a diet will help to lose 61% more fat than a diet without such a snack.
  • 30 seconds – this is exactly how long you should chew every piece of lunch that you send to your mouth. A British study in 2012 says that those who chew less eat up twice as much during snacks throughout the day.
  • 20 almonds should be eaten every day for a healthier skin. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which is a blocker of harmful radiation.
  • 16% – this is how much you reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, if you replace white rice with brown rice.
  • 2 glasses of water should be consumed before each meal. A 2010 study showed that those who drank water lost an average of 2 kg more, than those who did not drink it.
  • 20% – this is how much the level of ghrelin (the hormone of hunger) lowers, if you prefer a breakfast rich in proteins, instead of the one rich in carbohydrates.

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