Benefits and Harms of Food Combining

The most famous method of food combining was developed by the British Herbert Shelton in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Having won the support of the movie stars and other celebrities, this talented organizer of a healthy lifestyle, not having a medical education, was introducing his ideas of food combining to the broad masses.

According to these ideas, human digestive juices, and namely, their enzyme constituents work much better, if products that contain an overwhelming majority of only one component enter the gastrointestinal tract at once: either it is a protein, or it is fat, or carbohydrates.

After the consumption of such mono-meal, we should give our body at least 2-4 hours to process it. Water consumption also has its strict limits.

For example, you are allowed to drink water:

15 minutes before any meal
Half an hour after consuming a fruit
Four hours after consuming meat (proteins).

Another very controversial principle of Shelton diet is to eat only when you feel hunger, which can happen just once a day.

People should not eat, when they:

  • are angry
  • feel irritated
  • have a headache.

Official science does not share the views of Shelton and his followers, noting that human gastrointestinal enzymes are always tuned to process different mixtures of any food.

Moreover, ‘loading’ only proteins or only carbs into the body leads to an overstrain of the enzyme systems over time.

Such regime requires very high differentiation, whereas over the millennia of human existence, its digestion could not be better adapted to multicomponent food with a universal response to it.

Food Combining

Shelton frightens with the formation of “putrefaction” in the intestines when incompatible products are combined. However, this risk is clearly repeatedly exaggerated.

Various theories arose in these hundred years of the food combining theory existence, yet the main principles remained unshakable.

1. As the first morning meal, you can have one type of fruit (bananas, pears, apples). It’s better if they are only sour or just sweet. Although, a mix of tastes is also possible. You can consume fruits as lunch in one day, and in some days – for dinner.

2. Watermelon and melon do not combine with anything. They are eaten separately from other foods.

3. The second meal should consist of salads. Salad of three (not more) ingredients, for example, fresh cucumber + grated celery root + parsley, without salt and any dressing. 

4. Mushrooms and beets are prohibited. 

5. Up to 70-80% of the daily diet should be composed of fruits and vegetables, which consist of the most useful carbohydrates and fiber.

6. Boiled lean meat and boiled lean fish can be combined with a salad, yet without salt, spices and seasonings. 

7. Shelton advises to consume proteins that are found in nuts. 

8. Two types of nuts or two kinds of meat are allowed at a time. 

9. Bread and yeast are poison, according to Shelton’s weight loss method. 

10. Many cereals also contain not such great carbohydrates.

11. As for drinks, the system only welcomes clean water, up to 3 liters per day. Milk is also allowed.

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