30 Tips for a proper weight loss from Gillian Michaels

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“Transformation is not an event in the future. This is work on yourself. Every second in the present”. Woman, who once said this, is the famous Gillian Michaels. We present you her best advice on how to lose weight correctly.

As a personal trainer in the reality show on NBC, Gillian Michaels has helped countless people to:

Gain a great body and harmony with themselves


At the same time, Gillian’s work did not remain off-screen. This gorgeous woman was willingly sharing her advice outside the set, recording DVD’s with trainings, producing books and giving interviews.

Here are the top 30 tips from the 42-year-old athlete with a perfect body, in addition, a mother of two children. You don’t necessary have to follow all of them at once. Carefully read them and choose those that best suit your lifestyle and style of training.

The main thing is not to deviate from the goal and never stop. Remember, working on yourself is a lifestyle.

1. Do not do exercises that you do not like

There is no such thing as the best training plan in the world, because universality does not work.

I am a professional and I can tell you how and how much you need to exercise, but if you don’t like the exercises – you just can not do them with full dedication.

It is better to look for movements and equipment that you like, and combine them as you wish.

Do not stop at a single type of training, and constantly try to learn and try new things (and set the following goals while you are achieving the ones you already set). Otherwise, it’s very easy to stop completely focusing on the exercises, and this can lead to:

  • reduced efficiency,
  • boredom,
  • injury.

2. Forget about newfangled diets

New-fangled diets do not work. Better turn on your brains. The Internet is full of useless and absurd nutrition plans, often made up by people, who have absolutely nothing to do with dietetics.

When you blindly follow such tips, like “exclude all carbohydrates and fats”, you are not just wasting time, but also damaging your digestion. The whole secret is to make up a good exercise program and the nutrition plan, which you will eat more useful foods, than harmful foods, and will not feel like a martyr.

3. Try to increase the load

You often choose a treadmill for your cardio? Try to increase the slope to accelerate your fat burning rate. You won’t even feel these extra couple of degrees, while you will start burning 15% more calories!

4. Sleep more

Sleep is the basis of working on yourself, as it influences the level of hormones that are responsible for fat burning and muscle mass building. The better your hormonal balance, the easier it will be to lose weight. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

5. Give up lemonades

Sweet fizzy drinks are simply the number one enemy of your figure. They have more calories than most cakes, and you can consume them in huge quantities without even noticing it.

Besides, they are harmful to your teeth and do not quench your thirst.

On the contrary, they cause dehydration and wash out useful salts and minerals from your body. If you find simple water boring, try sparkling mineral water.

Add freshly squeezed juice or fruit to the water, and brew tea without sugar.


6. Master the rule "80 by 20"

Let 80% of the food consumed per day be useful and “correct “, and the remaining 20% can be gained by something harmful and tasty. Otherwise, you will constantly feel deprived of all gastronomic joys.


With such thoughts, it’s very easy to break down and overeat. It will be very cool if the remaining 20% will include goodies that are not too harmful. That is,

  • If you want chocolate, better choose bitter variety, and not the dairy one;
  • If french fries – then have an average portion;
  • Choose burger will one patty, and not “triple with bacon”.

7. Get used to reading the menu

According to a study, published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, people on average consume 200 kcal more on those days, when they visit a restaurant, compared to days when they eat at home.

Thus, festive dinners even without a bucket of potato salad can seriously slow down your progress.

Gillian advises you to choose dishes that are cooked by:


That is, you’d better avoid deep frying and chocolate fountains

When the menu doesn’t contain even a slightest hint of healthy food, ask the waiter about possible options for cooking. If you feel uncomfortable to say that you are on a diet, your perfect ally is “lie to save”. Just say that you are allergic to something.

In such matters, it is better to overcome your modesty and defend your interests, than to reproach yourself and spoil your mood with thoughts about disrupting your nutrition plan. If you need soup without cream, explain that you have lactose intolerance.

8. It is better not to open the menu at all

It can contain all kinds of mouth-watering pictures and seductive words like “spaghetti bolognese” or “club sandwich with bacon”. Each restaurant has a certain set of main dishes:

  • vegetable and cereal side dishes,
  • meat,
  • fish.

If you know what you want in advance, you can do without victims.

9. Read the information about the composition

Of course, knowing the calorie content in a dish is very important, yet the quality and composition of food also are of huge importance for weight loss.

If your body will spend more resources to process chemicals and dyes that your food contains, it will not be able to fully use the food you ate as a “fuel”.

Read the composition

The more natural the food, the easier it is for your body, and the better the results of the diet. When buying semi-finished or dairy products, carefully study the label. If you have no idea what the long incomprehensible word in the composition is, then you probably do not need to consume it.

Of course, not all semi-finished products are banned. Just choose them carefully.

10. Be consistent

Getting into the gym only a couple of times a month, when you are “in the mood for it”, is not a very reliable way to obtain a flat stomach and chiseled shoulders. For a full-scale work on the creation of the body of your dreams, your body needs regular workloads.

Try to visit gym at least four times a week and dedicate at least half an hour to the exercises. Regularity is very important. If half an hour of training exhausts you, try to break it into two approaches of 15 minutes and make a break between them.

Then, you should gradually shorten the time you need for rest and increase the load.

11. Work at a pace

The main mistake of many people who go to the gym is not working to their fullest.

“I often see how ladies flip through magazines, while practicing on an elliptical simulator.

Or guys have 10-15-minute breaks between the approaches and wander aimlessly around the hall or play car racing on their smartphone.

Jillian Michaels Work at a pace

This is ineffective and meaningless. If you do it in full force, your calories will be burned not only during the training, but also long time afterwards,” explains Gillian in an interview for USA Today magazine.

You do not have enough motivation? Try to load into the player your favorite cheerful music that makes you want to dance. It will make you move faster and help not to slow down the pace, which will positively affect the results of your work.

12. Avoid overtraining

Working out till the last strength is not bad. Yet it is not the end goal. Constant attempts to intentionally wear yourself out are a wrong strategy. Overtraining leads to a decrease in performance and can cause an injury that will permanently close the doors of the gym for you.

Gillian advises doing the exercises until you get the feeling of pleasant fatigue, and no longer. In theory, this means that you must be able to make one more approach at the end of the training, yet you will have to force yourself to finish it – and therefore you should not do it.

“Gillian Michaels Advises”

Exercites Gillian Michaels

13. Listen to your feelings

If you have difficulties in choosing healthy food, try to recall the feelings of overeating with harmful food. If your hand reaches for donuts instead of oatmeal, and pizza instead of boiled chicken breast, remember:

  • how unpleasant it was to walk with a swelling of the abdomen,
  • how upsetting it is to watch the scale showing a figure higher than the one you’re used to,
  • how bad your favorite jeans look at you, when you gain weight.

Then, try to imagine how well your body feels after a proper dinner, how you will be able to put on a bikini on the beach next summer. Isn’t the feeling of confidence in your health worth more than the pleasure of having a croissant?

14. Do not give up

Everybody has breakdowns from time to time, but that does not mean that you can now blow off the gym and sit in front of the TV, eating your sorrow up with a bucket of ice cream. Breakdowns are normal.

The main thing is to stick with what you have started and forget about one unlucky episode. If you get a flat tire on the road, you do not throw your car in anger in the middle of the road and do not sit on the sidelines sad and reading a book, expecting that your tire magically somehow fixes itself.

Well, you missed one workout, so what? Watch your nutrition and schedule a workout for tomorrow. Everything is very simple.

15. Tell yourself why you want it

A healthy lifestyle is not just going to the gym and eating right, it’s a way of thinking. It is very important to identify for yourself the reason why you want to lose weight or gain weight, and stay healthy.

Explain yourself why you are doing this, and preferably be very detailed. Do not limit yourself to formulations like “I want to become healthy and beautiful”. This is too broad a description, which in the end does not include anything that is close or understandable to you.

Think of specific goals. For example:


Write down this goal. Feel its emotional load. After all, you have to understand a simple thing: chips always were tastier than oatmeal boiled on water, and this fact will not change. But you can find a goal in life that will mean much more to you, than your desire to eat a pack of crispy potato slices.

16. Weigh yourself regularly, and not too often

Do not try to weigh each day fanatically, it’s pointless. Better schedule a certain day of the week, in which you will find out your new weight. This is a great way to track results without hassle.

Use the same scales at the same time of day. During the day, weight can vary up to several kilograms, so sometimes the usual digestive process can create an impression of a weight gain. Consistency allows for more accurate results.

Weigh yourself regularly

17. Do not overeat!

You can eat only boiled chicken breast, vegetables and oatmeal, but if you have too much of those, your weight will stand still. Nutrition is a very important part of working on yourself, and no matter how healthy food you consume – you should avoid overeating it either way.

Of course, healthy food is more useful, yet calories you get from an apple or chocolate, you will eventually have to burn in the gym.

18. Always have a plan B

To take to work a lunch you cooked at home is useful for both your wallet and your waist. If you cook yourself, you can not accidentally order a larger portion or eat something you diligently avoid.

But let’s be honest with each other. Anything can happen. Sometimes you have to buy something for lunch at a store or order in a cafe. For such situations, make a list of “healthy lunch options”, depending on which catering points and supermarkets are next to your work.

19. Stick to the timetable

Studies show that training is most effective when done at the same time of day. This does make sense. The more regular your schedule is, the easier it is to turn useful activities into a habit.

20. Make your recreation an active one

If you notice that you often have to sacrifice your meal plan in the days when you meet with your friends, try to suggest replacing your familiar friendly dinner with:

  • group yoga class,
  • seminar on healthy eating,
  • walk in the park,
  • bowling.

recreation an active one

Of course, bowling is not a full-time training, but 30 minutes of active game allows you to burn almost 200 calories, and it generally is much more useful, than just sitting in a pub and drinking beer. Do not forget that there exist lots of ways to actively and cheerfully rest in a good company.

21. Outsmart the weight that stands in place

In many people, first kilograms melt literally every day, and then the weighs persistently display the same figure for weeks. This means that you need to rest a couple of days and add a little calories to your daily diet.

With a rapid initial weight loss, your body tries to play it safe and produces hormones that increase appetite and store fat. It’s just an instinct of survival that starts working, if your body thinks it is in danger of malnutrition.

But you can outwit your body by taking a break in workouts and adding 10% kcal to your daily nutrition. It helps to restart your metabolism.

22. Do not get hung up on the visual image of your body

The most important thing is your health and well-being. By concentrating on them, you gain harmony with yourself and stop chasing an unattainable ideal, and then everything starts to turn out on its own.

Studies on this topic show that people, whose goals are feasible and positive, can work on themselves more effectively and consistently.

23. Have a snack before going to a party

If you come to a restaurant hungry, you can forget about your goal to lose weight and start ordering dishes, which will make you later regret you did. To keep to the path of healthy eating, have a useful snack before you leave the house.

If the meeting does not take place in a restaurant, but in somebody’s home, try bringing with you a tasty and healthy treat that can save you if the party table has nothing, except for beer and chips.

24. Consume more vitamin C!

It seems that you have tried everything, yet the extra kgs do not want to disappear?

Perhaps, it’s all about the high level of the stress hormone, cortisol.

To explain it in simple words, it constantly gives your body an order to “store the fat!”. Try eating citrus for breakfast.

vitamin C

25. Eat more protein foods

Make sure that each of your meals contains protein. Constantly ask yourself: “Is there a protein in this dish?” If the answer is “yes”, everything is fine. Protein helps maintain satiety longer, and the amino acids, to which your body splits it, are the building blocks for your muscles.

26. Take a useful snack with you

Healthy and useful foods that are ready for consumption can be very handy. There are a lot of options:

  • a pack of washed carrots,
  • a glass of cherry tomatoes,
  • a handful of raw almonds,
  • a bottle of sugar-free yogurt.

The main thing is to know that you have a packed meal with you, which will not let you rush to the food truck with hot dogs and ice cream. Bring several such snack options to work, put them in your car, check their availability in your bag before leaving the house. You are sure to thank yourself later!

27. Drink more water

The simplest tip for weight loss, which no one follows for some strange reason, is to drink more water. Saturation with water can reduce the feeling of hunger and improve digestion by almost 3%!

If you find simple water boring, mix it with freshly squeezed juices – it’s a tasty and a very useful option.

28. Take care of your cupboards

If you have chocolate bars, chips and pastries throughout the kitchen, your attempts to lose weight are like trying to push a car uphill: very hard and almost useless.

Throw away everything that contains trans fats, artificial sweeteners and corn syrup with fructose.

It’s better to never buy harmful products in large packages or in several pieces. Let it be one small pack of chips or one small chocolate bar, so that you could not get a new portion and continue eating, even if you want more.

chocolate bars

29. Surround yourself with the right food

This method is used by marketers in stores, when they place candies and chocolate eggs at the knee level at the cash desks. They do it so that children surely see these delicacies. Make the trick work for you. Let yourself see useful food everywhere at home. Place the most healthy snack options in your fridge at the level of sight to see them first.

30. Get up and stand

If possible, get up and stand. When you stand, your body spends one and a half times more calories than it does when you sit.


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